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  • Tony Buzan
    While still a student, Tony Buzan asked the librarian if there was any book available on the 'Brain' and was promptly directed towards the section which had information about the Brain - which would help a medical practitioner. What he wanted really, was a book on HOW to USE the Brain !
    His untiring quest for knowledge & research on how the brain works - helped him formalize the 'Operations Manual for the Brain' - the "Mind Map"...
    'Mind Maps' are the simplest & extremely powerful way of feeding YOUR information to YOUR brain - so that the 'super-computer' on your shoulder - actually starts working efficiently...
    Tony is a well-acclaimed global authority on Thinking, Creativity, Speed Reading, memory etc. - and has advised most Fortune 100 companies & governments of the world.

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    Maneesh Johari
    Maneesh is a Mechanical Engineer & an MBA graduate. Almost 2 decades ago, he setup his own manufacturing industry, which catered to the Pune Industrial belt – supplying Precision components to various sectors. Today, they cater to an export-oriented group in the Medical Equipment industry.
    In 2005, when he was introduced to ‘Mind Maps’, Maneesh reviewed the options ahead – of investing a lot more time, effort & money in the existing industry, or trying to make a greater impact to society – by entering the field of ‘training’ especially in ‘Life Skills’ – which have the potential of changing the way people perform at work.
    ‘Mind Mapping’ his situation helped him in decision making. Since establishing the only Buzan Centre in India, in 2007, Maneesh spends most of his time spreading the awareness of the importance, relevance & applicability of ‘Mind Maps’. He is regularly invited to address gatherings, corporates & educational institutions.
    Being part of the Buzan Asia network, the Buzan Centre Pune, India team of Maneesh & Jas keep updating their knowledge base by regularly attending the Continuous Professional Development sessions conducted by the Buzan Asia Regional office in Singapore. The Learnings from the ‘Asia Directors Meet’ and the CPD, being conducted by Tony Buzan every year, has ensured that the exposure, experience & expertise that they have – is unmatched in the country!

    Jas Johari
    Jas, an MBA & MDIT ( from Symbiosis, Pune ) is extremely passionate about guiding children in their growth path specially in their ‘formative years’ Almost 15 years ago – she embarked on this journey and along the way, she has upgraded her skill sets & knowledge base – keeping in pace with the accelerated rate of change observed in society.
    Jas started her entrepreneurial journey with NIIT’s LEDA program which introduced kids to computers.
    Then, her innate love for reading books prompted her to start ‘JUNGLE BOOK’ – as a Library exclusively for children – in 2001 & has over 6,500 books which have benefitted thousands of children in the age group of 3-12 yrs. In 2005, she became the FIRST INDIAN to be awarded the License to teach ‘Mind Maps’ (originated by Tony Buzan ). In 2007, she qualified as the BUZAN ADVANCED LICENSED INSTRUCTOR ( again, the FIRST in India, and the ONLY one presently..) which permitted her to teach ‘Speed Reading’ & “Memory techniques” too.
    Being exposed to International Conferences, she realizedthat the Brain needs to be fed information in a manner quite different in the way it is presently being done in regular academics. This prompted her to introduce a variety of programs which activate the inherent strengths of the Brain. The I-Maths, Speech & Drama, FasTracKids, Art and other programs help children learn in a ‘Brain-Friendly’ manner, while having FUN !

    Henry Toi
    Henry is the Managing Director of Buzan Centre Asia and is based in Singapore….
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