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  • On interacting with most people – one of the commonly heard phrases is
    “ When I find the TIME – I shall do this..”

    People are already overloaded with work – be it in the Educational sector or the Corporate world.
    Finding Time to READ, THINK, Memorize etc is just getting increasingly difficult – as the amount of information that they need to go through is increasing exponentially..

    On analyzing, it was observed that people spend about:-
    30% of their time Reading;
    30% in Meetings; ( comprehension for students )
    40% in Thinking / Decision Making / Strategizing etc.(Recall)

    So, if one needs to find time to do something more – we need to be able to SAVE TIME from these activities… So, once shown :-
    HOW to SPEED READ – you could read 2-5 times the speed you are currently reading at;
    HOW to manage Meetings more effectively;
    HOW to FEED information to the BRAIN
    – so that it helps you in decision making, strategizing, Thinking …
    … you would actually be able to find spare TIME.

    We all believe that the human Brain is an extremely powerful organ
    ( which in fact it is !)

    If so, then why are we still struggling
    to overcome mundane issues like :
    Retention, Recall; Decision making,
    Problem solving; Creativity, Innovation;
    Strategic Thinking; Planning, Org anizing; etc. etc…..
    all these and many more...

                                                               – ‘Brain-related issues ?’