• We are pleased to announce our "E-Learning" courses
  • The amount of information that students need to go through is increasing almost on a daily basis.
    In order to Excel – at a global level – one needs to be able to read, comprehend, retain & recall details.

    Knowing HOW the Brain works would help students ‘tweak’ the way they input information – so that they are able to read faster, comprehend better, retain & recall facts & figures effortlessly.
    Students would learn :-
    How to ‘Speed Read’, & hence have a lot more revision time;
    Learn how to Memorize – to recall information at will; and
    Learn how to FEED information to the Brain – so that they can retain the information for a much longer time..
    [ and not forget it a few days after the exams get over !!]

    A 12 hour Program recommended for students of Std. 8th Plus which exposes them to :
    Speed Reading + Mind Maps + Power Recall.
    An Example of converting Text into Mind Map

    "The Great Pyramids" - Mind Mapped.

    Text Article on “The Great Pyramids”

    The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and only surviving member of the “Seven Ancient Wonders”. The pyramid is believed to have been built over a 20 year period. Although the method of construction is shrouded in mystery, two theories have been proposed. One involves the construction of a straight ramp that was raised as the construction proceeded. It was thought that mud and water helped to lubricate the movement of the stones on the ramp. The other theory suggest that the blocks of stones were placed using long levers.

    Throughout history, the pyramids have amazed the imagination. Napoleon was believed to have said “Soldiers, from the top of these Pyramids, 4000 years are looking at us!”. The pyramids were also referred to as “Granaries of Joseph”, referring to the episode of the seven years of famine as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

    The dimension of the pyramid is 481 ft in height. It remained as the tallest structure on earth for more than 4300 years until the nineteenth century. The sloping angel is 51 degree and 51 minutes. Each of its side is carefully oriented with the compass point of north, south, east and west. The sides of the base is 751 ft and each length has less than 0.1% error.

    The structure is made up of about 2 million blocks each weighing more than 2 tons. It was estimated that all these blocks can build a wall of 10ft high and 1 ft width surrounding the country of France! The area occupied by the great pyramid can accommodate St. Peters in Rome, the cathedrals of Florence and Milan and Westminster and St. Paul’s in London combined.