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  • Adults
    Effectiveness of Training programs attended – has always been a matter of concern to all L & D and HR heads. Corporates spend a lot of their hard earned money on Training their employees – but the effectiveness is very low.

    One of the factors contributing to the poor rate of implementation of the learnings from these sessions is: Lack of spare TIME to implement & practice them.

    Another aspect is that we were not taught HOW the Brain works & processes information. The way we’ve been feeding information to the Brain since all these years – is probably not the best way. If it was – then we would not be grappling with issues like Thinking, Retention, Recall, Decision Making, Planning, Organizing etc..

    Once shown HOW to read fast – [ with comprehension ] – we could TRAIN OUR BRAIN to process a lot more information coming our way, a lot more efficiently.
    The skills of ‘Speed Reading’, “Mind Mapping”, ‘Knowledge Management’ – would help you SAVE TIME.
    This time could then be invested in implementing the learnings of other training programs & hence increase the overall productivity too..

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